Yellow gold vs. White gold vs. Rose Gold 

Gold has a yellow natural color. For centuries, gold remained yellow but things started to change when goldsmiths started noting that when they added certain metal alloys to achieve certain properties, the color of gold would be affected as well. Metal allows are necessary to help give gold the properties it naturally lacks. Most commonly, metal alloys are used in the jewellery industry. The reason is that, in its purest form, gold is soft and it can be easily deformed or damaged. To make gold designs that are robust and tough. Pure gold would have to be mixed with other metals. Gold jewellery has always been part of the fashion world. If people weren’t buying the traditional yellow gold, they were buying white gold or rose gold or some other colored gold because it happened to be fashionable. 

Are there any significant differences between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold? The significant difference between these is the composition which in turn affects the price.

White Gold

White gold jewellery is made of pure gold which is yellow in color mixed with white metals like silver, palladium and nickel. These other metals are added to strengthen the gold and make it more durable and to also change the colour of the metal to white. The value depends on n the amount of gold used or rather the karat. He higher the karat value the higher the price will be. The price of gold jewellery also depends on the design. When you sell gold jewellery Brisbane, the buyer will offer you a price based on the gold content.  

White gold rings have become more popular than yellow gold rings because the color complements white diamonds. White gold is also made with stronger metal alloys which makes it more durable. White gold jewellery is often dipped in rhodium to enhance its lustre and colour. Although, it does not rust, the rhodium does wear off over time and the jewellery could lose its lustre. White gold jewellery might need to be plated with rhodium every couple of years. White gold that has been alloyed with nickel can cause allergic reactions, so if you have an allergic reaction to white gold, the best thing to do is to sell gold jewellery Brisbane and use that money for something else.

Yellow Gold

Gold is naturally yellow in color but to make it more durable it is allowed with other metals like copper or zinc. The purest or finest gold is 24 karats. It contains 99.9% pure gold and some trace elements. 24 karat gold is soft and high is why most jewellery is made up of 18 or 14 karat gold which 75 and 58.3% gold respectively.  The cost of yellow and white gold are the same which means that they will be worth he same amount of money to a scrap gold buyer. A buyer who buys gold jewellery with the intention of selling it as it is might take design features and the jewellery’s condition into consideration when making an offer.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is made of gold and copper alloys. The copper gives it its rose color and it also serves to strengthen and make the gold jewellery more durable. The more copper there is in the gold alloy the deeper the pink colour.  Copper is stronger than most metals used to make either yellow or white gold which means rose gold is tougher. Rose gold should also costs less because copper is cheaper than silver, palladium and other metal used to make yellow or white gold. 

While the metal you choose for your diamond ring is largely based on personal preference and style, it is helpful to consider the main differences in composition and price.

White gold and platinum, for example, look identical to the naked eye, while platinum costs significantly more. We generally recommend spending more of your budget on the diamond than on a platinum sett