Why is Early Childhood Intervention Important?

Identifying and treating language and communication difficulties early in children can prevent potential problems with learning, reading, behavior, and social interaction.

How can early childhood development assessment form (แบบ ประเมิน พัฒนาการ เด็ก ปฐมวัย, which is the term in Thai) help your family?

Provide Information, Resources, and Support 

Early intervention helps parents with information, resources, supports, and to enhance their child’s communication skills. By working with a professional in early childhood, parents can feel confident that they’re improving their child’s communication skills.

Improve Relationships

Children with delayed communication and language have delayed understanding and difficulty with interacting with other children. This makes a child timid and deficient in solving problems and learning to negotiate conflicts. Early intervention helps children to learn excellent communication skills.

Improve Behavior

Delayed communication development in children can get them frustrated and display challenging behaviors to make up for their delays. They also find it challenging to express wants and needs and, as a result, show physical responses such as hitting and biting. Through early Intervention, supports and strategies are put in place to enhance your child’s communication development.

Make Learning Fun

Early intervention helps families to add support to daily activities with their children. This way, children can learn in everyday activities such as playing, dressing, brushing, eating, bathing, helping with home chores errands, and so on. Early intervention also enables the family to understand their child’s development needs better and how to simplify learning for them. Children find learning fun and want to learn more when they know what they are expected to do and can be successful,

Promote Academic Excellence

Communication development promotes literacy and influences later academic excellence. Research suggests that good oral language works in tandem with imaginative skills to develop new ideas and, to read and write.

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