Why do you need a good UX designer with an irresistible offer for your business

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It is hard to get competitive advantage today no matter what industry you are in. Everyone is using almost same technology to create the products. Hence, the quality is almost same. If you provide a service, your competitors, who are providing the same service, might be offering the same rates.

You can create an irresistible offer by lowering your price as your competitors can do the same. Your customers might believe that your product is cheap.

What should you do then?

You should focus on the areas that your competitors might be ignoring. First, you should hire a good developer to create an amazing website for your business. The ux design [ux design, which is the term in Indonesian] should be designed by keeping the target audience in mind.

You are supposed to create amazing offers for your customers.

Why a good UX design is essential for your website to attract customers?

Every business has a target audience. You will not sell a comb to a bald person. Therefore, you must do proper research on your target audience.

A good UX designer understands that what type of web design is ideal for your target audience. Suppose your target audience is business-minded people. In this case, you must have a simple website without much use of different colors. Business-minded people believe in statistics and data. They are also pretty straight-forward due to their routine. You must keep the UX design simple and straight to the point.

Similarly, emotional people enjoy colorful themes.

How to create good offers for your customers

You cannot reduce your price but you can also give a discount. For instance, give them something free or a 10-20% discount on the purchase of a particular amount. This way, they will not feel that your product is cheap.

You can also create a newsletter to get in touch with them. Send them occasional emails with new offers.

This way they will keep getting reminded about you. They will not hesitate to return to you if they find any of the offer fruitful.

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