What To Look Out For When Services Your Car

Whwn going for a car pledge (รับจำนำรถจอด which is the term in Thai), you must service your car at least twice a year. Below are what you should look out for when servicing your car:


Your car just won’t run without it. Therefore, the battery deserves special attention. Depending on the brand and the use conditions, this item’s useful life is usually 3 to 5 years. In the workshop, it is possible to verify that the battery is in good condition and that the cables are correctly connected and clean.


The vehicle has several filters protecting its systems. The fuel filter, for example, protects you from dirt particles that may come from the engine. The air conditioning filter protects you from breathing in substances harmful to your health. To maintain safety, arrange for the replacement of each component within the specified period.


Periodic inspection of the brakes is essential to avoid significant problems. Some drivers only change parts when they hear the typical metallic friction noise. This is a very risky attitude, as the noise indicates that the maintenance deadline has passed and that the car is already at risk. It is also essential to monitor the level of the brake fluid reservoir. In this case, be on the lookout for leaks in the system. Generally, changing this fluid is recommended every 2 years to maintain good braking conditions.

Toothed Belt

The timing belt is another part that deserves extra attention, as the problems go beyond a drop in vehicle performance. After all, breaking the item prevents the continued operation of the engine. If this device is in motion, the risk of the damage spreading to other parts of the car is considerable.


There is no point in providing excellent maintenance of the braking system components if you neglect the quality of your car’s suspension. At this point, it is essential to remember that it is not enough to assess the state of the dampers. Remember that vehicle stability depends on a grouping of bushings, pivots, trays, and springs. All deserve to be scrutinized closely.

Exchange Oil

Internally, the gearbox is a device that moves gears. For the gearshift dynamics to work correctly, it is necessary to provide the necessary lubrication. To do so, renew the exchange fluid regularly. If your car’s gearbox is automatic, it is recommended that you perform the procedure after 40,000 km have been run. If it’s a manual transmission, change the oil once you replace the clutch. Read more (อ่านเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai) online to learn more.