Use this secret formula to convince people to do anything

Every digital marketer and entrepreneur tries to generate as much lead as possible. Converting the leads is next step. You must master the first step if you want to get more sales. The answer is quite simple. The more people you target the more chances for you to convert them. 1% of 10,000 is more than the 5% of 1000. If you have more leads, your conversion rate does not matter much then.

How can you convince people?

You have to focus on social media marketing or SMM. You can also try the similar techniques in search engine marketing. Whenever you create an ad, you can use some psychological tendencies to push people to do whatever you want.

Offer them reward

First thing you can do is to offer a reward in exchange of their personal details like email address. You cannot just ask people to give you their personal data without giving them anything in return. Make sure the reward is relevant to your niche.

Show scarcity

You can put a timer or show that only few spots or few products left now. The pain of losing something is more than the joy of gaining the same thing. If people feel like they could miss the offer, they would make decision quickly.

Show some social proof

Make sure to add some testimonials as proofs. They would work wonders and people would trust you easily. It will enable them to share their contact details without any doubt.

Just follow the steps mentioned above and you will see a tremendous growth in your CTR (click through ratio).

Keep working on your SEO to keep driving organic traffic

SEO is really important if you want to keep getting organic traffic. Organic traffic can be converted into leads as well. Keep working on your SEO and do not hesitate to take SEO services[บริการ seo, which is the term in Thai] from an expert.

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