Three Awesome Ways to Mix Pink Kitty Liqueur

Pink Kitty Liqueur is an exciting and well-crafted aphrodisiac liqueur that is naturally crafted with exotic herbs and spices. Pink Kitty Liqueur can be drunk directly from the bottle, but you can also mix up Pink Kitty Liqueur with different juices, sodas, and other beverages. What are some of the best beverages you can make with Pink Kitty? We’re going to go over our top three favorite mixed beverages with Pink Kitty Liqueur. You can also read about 2XL Swagger Brand’s efforts to work with endangered species. Remember to always drink responsibly when you consume any type of alcoholic beverage. You should be over the age of twenty-one to consume any of the following beverages.

1 – The Snow Leopard

One of the best drinks we’ve found that mixes with Pink Kitty Liqueur we call the snow leopard. The snow leopard is a bubbly pink drink best adorned with mint or a slice of grapefruit. You can make this beverage by adding 1.7 ounces of Pink Kitty Liqueur, 4 ounces of grapefruit juice, and 4 ounces of sparkling water or soda. Once you add them together, a little bit of stirring is a good idea but not too much, so you don’t make the sparkling water or soda go flat. All of our beverages are inspired by big cats, and the Snow Leopard is one of our favorite beverages.

2 – The Tigress

Our next drink, the Tigress, is based on the big striped cat that roams Central Asia. Each of the remaining tiger species is endangered, but to make the Tigress, you don’t have to hunt down an endangered species. The Tigress is 1.5 ounces of Pink Kitty Liqueur, paired with 5 ounces of ginger beer. We use Main Root Spicy Ginger Beer and a splash of lime juice to taste. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail glass for the best experience; this drink should be garnished with mint and a slice of lime.

3 – The Lioness

The lioness is a very important big cat to us here at 2XL Swagger as we help with the conservation of lions, which is why another of our favorite drinks is named after the big golden cat. The lioness is made with 1.5 ounces of Pink Kitty Liqueur paired with roughly 5 ounces of premium champagne of your choice. Slip the beverages into a fancy champagne glass to spice up your night. Pair the beverages with a raspberry or a slice of strawberry.

Pink Kitty Liqueur is a delicious liqueur that can be paired with a wide variety of different mixers, including champagne, soda, juices, and so much more. If you can think of it, you can usually mix Pink Kitty with it without concern. All three of these beverages, the Lioness, Tigress, and Leopard, are delicious beverages that can be made up right at home. Pink Kitty is a naturally crafted alcohol with naturally sourced ingredients that are designed to be delicious.

How Does 2XL Swagger Brands Work for Endangered Species?

The rhinos that wander the African plains are not only breathtakingly beautiful animals, but they are also endangered. Despite neither of these claims having been substantiated, people kill rhinos for their horns because they believe the horns to have great spiritual and medicinal value. Because of widespread poaching, rhino numbers are at an all-time low. This species performs an essential role in the environment, despite the fact that it might be detrimental to people who are not aware of its behavior. Certain rhino species have already gone extinct as a result of hunting. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Easy Rhino liqueur is donated to directly support the rhino population’s attempts to increase and prosper, and 2XL Swagger Brands takes great delight in this fact.

Poaching and habitat destruction put rhinos in danger. Sadly, there are only around 5,000 black rhinos and about 30,000 white rhinos surviving in Africa. Wildlife conservation organizations have created sanctuaries to breed and rear the young rhinos until they are able to survive on their own in order to help safeguard this endangered species. Additionally, these preserves aim to inform the public of the risks associated with rhinoceros poaching and the illegal rhino horn trade.

WildAid is one group that deals with rhinos. It is a nonprofit organization employing a range of tactics, such as public service announcements (PSAs), celebrity endorsements, and social media campaigns to lower the demand for wildlife products. In order to prevent local populations in Africa from killing or poaching wild animals for food or profit, WildAid also works closely with them by teaching them how to employ sustainable farming techniques.

Prince Philip of England launched Save the Rhino International (SRI), another organization, in 1989. (who is also known as Prince Consort of Queen Elizabeth II). SRI manages a multitude of refuges for endangered species, including tigers, gorillas, snakes, elephants, and rhinos, all over the world. Additionally, 2XL Swagger Brands is taking action in the hopes of preserving these magnificent animals for years to come.

Providing Aid to the Lions

Even though lions are not in danger of going extinct, a sizable number of people still hunt them for a variety of reasons. There is not a good relationship between some communities and lions. Unfortunately, lion cubs are discovered roaming the wild by themselves, or a large lion or lioness will be found seriously hurt, all too often. The presence of these wild cats helps to control the number of other animals in their territory. Without enough lions, the environment in Africa runs the risk of being swiftly overpopulated and overgrazed, which might eventually cause prey animals to starve and endanger the existence of dozens of species. However, this is only possible if there are enough lions. This is one of the reasons we support lion conservation with a tiny fraction of the proceeds from our pink kitten liqueur, which also helps to protect a delicate ecosystem and maintain its equilibrium.

A species that is unquestionably in jeopardy of going extinct is the lion. The biggest cat in the world is the African lion, Panthera leo. They can be found throughout the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and some areas of northwest India. Due to habitat destruction and unauthorized hunting for their skins and teeth, lion populations have been on the decline. In actuality, there are currently only 6,000 lions left in Africa.


Enjoying a mixed drink with Pink Kitty Liqueur from an environmentally conscious company can be the perfect end to your day. If you want to read more about the recipes and 2XL Swagger Brands efforts, visit now.

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