The Rarest and Weirdest Logistics Orders

Every industry has its peculiarities and concerns. Logistics is not an exception. It has to deal not only with boxes, trucks, and pallets as many people think. First of all, it deals with humans who are prone to place strange and even weird orders. If you want to know more, keep reading. 

Experienced workers of any forwarding company are used to the situations when clients confuse less than truckload shipping and fill truckload option. Some of them do it accidentally while they do not understand the difference between these terms. Others do it on purpose while they tend to save some money and cut the transportation costs. Yet, freight forwarders are well acquainted with such situations and they are able to respond to them. Yet, sometimes they are to deal with orders which seem too strange even to the most experienced forwarders.

The list of the rarest and weirdest orders includes the following positions:

  • Transportation of human beings.

It sounds very, very weird but there are people who believe that it’s possible to transport other people like cargo. They are even ready to pack them in a proper way. Of course, such shipments are strictly forbidden.  

  • Shipping pets and animals. 

It’s OK if you inform forwarders about such shipments. But there are lots of people who ignore this fact and consider their pets as just stuff. 

  • Expensive works of art.

It’s not very clever to use the standard truck to transport a picture that costs several millions of dollars. Yet, sometimes it happens especially when it comes to illegal shipments.   

  • Alcohol and drugs. 

Many companies are ready to transport such things if cargo owners provide them with all the needed permissions. The problem is they do not do this. 

  • Garbage. 

It seems too weird but there are people who ship different types of waste. Their motives stay unclear. 

  • Jewelry. 

As well as works of art, jewelry requires special precaution actions and additional insurance.    

  • Viruses and bacteria.

There are different chemical companies and laboratories that deal with different types of viruses and bacteria. The transportation of such cargo is a very complicated process and it requires special tools, equipment, and experience. Yet, some people just place such items in boxes and try to ship them.     

By the way, if you pick up the right freight forwarder, you may count on the fulfillment even of the wildest of your orders (within the law, of course). When searching for a good forwarding company, you have to consider several criteria. The most important of them include the coverage area, feasible options, deadlines, and prices. It’s not a good idea to hire the first broker you find on the Internet. You have to get acquainted with the ratings of the firm. It’s cool if you are able to communicate with real clients. By the way, if a forwarder promises you to deliver everything everywhere, it’s a bad sign. There are strict rules which regulate shipping. Moreover, there are lots of restrictions and limitations. If you ignore them, you are to pay huge fines and your cargo may be confiscated.

So, logistics is not as boring and humdrum as it may seem at first sight. There are lots of funny stories about confused boxes or misspelled names of the cities. If you do not want to become a hero of one of such jokes, it’s a good idea to plan and organize your shipments carefully.    

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