The paper box can be very useful for transportation:

The normal product is packed in a bit heavy carton box. But it also provides an extra amount of safety to the product. Because safety is very much required when the product needs to be shipped. And, in the shipment, the box has to go through a lot of things. People who have to arrange boxes have a lot of work. They usually need to arrange tons of boxes every day. And, for that, it is next to impossible to place the box adequately. That is why they can’t give or 10 minutes in placing just a single box. Because of that, the product can get damaged too.

But it is the carton box that saves product. It is also a fact that it increases the weight. And, increment in weight means extra money needs to pay for the shipment. That is why one can also use Paper box [กล่องลังกระดาษ, which is the term in Thai]. Don’t think it is a normal paper that can be torn easily. It is a corrugated paper. This type of corrugated sheet is as strong as any carton box. But it is much lighter than that. So, it is obvious that it will save a lot of money in shipping any product.

5 layers of security are given

The paper box is lighter than any carton box. But that doesn’t mean it can’t protect the product well. It has layers of security. That can save the product from water, humidity, dust, fluctuation. So, the person who is sending the product doesn’t need to worry about their product.

Choose 5 layers of paper over 3 ply cartons

Most of the product is sent through the ship by sea. So, the cost of sending the parcel can be saved. But for that, the carton box should be strong. And, 3 ply carton boxes are used for air export. That is why always choose 5-layer carton box.

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