The emerging issues with social media platforms and why YouTube is not affected by it?

In recent times social media platforms have been getting a lot of criticism for not filtering their content online. And it has amounted to a somewhat decline in the use of social media. Moreover, security issues have also been flagged by many agencies worldwide regarding the use of social media. However, a particular medium has not been compromised with all these affairs, and that is YouTube. The biggest video sharing and streaming platform online YouTube has been solid as a rock over the years. And as Google owns YouTube, security issues have never been an issue with them. And this has led to more influx of consumers on the platform. And that is why in recent years, YouTube has become one of the major players in the online marketing industry.

The only two ways to advertise your brand on YouTube

There are basically two ways to do marketing and advertising on YouTube. The first one is that you put advertisements for your brand on different YouTube channels. In this way, people can see your advertisement whenever they visit that YouTube channel. On the other hand, you can create your own YouTube channel. This will help you put on your own advertisements on your channel. Now amongst the two options, the first one is very expensive as you will have to pay revenue to Facebook and the channel on which you are running your advertisement. On the other hand, if you use your own YouTube channel, then you will have to pay no-one as YouTube is a free social media to share videos worldwide. You can also design the YouTube banners with all the information and announcements from your brand. And as the banner is visible to all, everyone can see it and connect with your brand.

Find the best freelancers to help you design your YouTube banner

Now if you are in Thailand and want to use YouTube platform for brand promotion then make sure you have a good youtube banner design (รับออกแบบ Banner youtube, which is the term in Thai) to start with. There are freelancers who are currently listed on many online websites which can help you with your projects. So make sure to find a reliable and efficient freelancer in this regard in Thailand.

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