Starting a Business While Unemployed

Losing a job can be both challenging and depressing. If you were not expecting a change in your career at this time, losing your job may take some getting used to. One way you can look at this challenge, though, is an opportunity. If you have been wanting to start your own business, perhaps this is your open door to that. Starting your own business can sometimes be a much better alternative than simply going out to look for a new job.

Starting your own business can be broken down into baby steps so that it does not feel so overwhelming. One of the first things you can do to get your motivation rolling is to create a business name by using a free business name generator like the one provided through Namify. Namify offers brand building tools to make the process of starting a business smooth and easy. Tagging a name onto your business ownership dreams can bring a huge surge of confidence and motivation. Let’s look at a few other things you should consider, if you are going to start a business while unemployed.

Think Small

Most people will tell you to think big when it comes to your dreams and ambitions, and although there is nothing wrong with having a big end game goal in mind, your success will come from taking those small steps toward your bigger goals. Thinking small means that you need to set realistic small steps which all lead to a bigger purpose.

As you see yourself achieve these smaller goals, it will build your confidence towards your bigger goals. Confidence is so crucial to long-term success. Confidence is built through setting small goals, trying, failing, and trying again.

Welcome Failure

If you have lost a job, you might feel like the last thing in the world you want to celebrate is a failure. But failure is your path to success. Failure is literally the magic door through which you will learn all of the secrets you need to know to succeed. There are very few shortcuts around failure. Sure, people have written books on how to obtain success, and you have watched the examples of others who have succeeded, but behind all of those stories are many failures.

The failures are where successful people learn the secrets. The secrets can only be learned on an individual basis. You must experience the failure to learn the secrets to your own success because it is during the failures that you will learn about yourself. No book can teach you that.

When failure comes, get excited. Make a date with yourself to sit down alone quietly and deep dive into what all this failure experience has to teach you.

Build Momentum 

Once you get motivated by naming your business and creating a business plan, you will see momentum start to build. When that momentum starts to build you have to keep stoking the flames. You will do this by taking bigger steps toward your goals. You will do this by taking risks that have been assessed and evaluated. This momentum is what will eventually lead you to your goal of business ownership. Tools like those offered by Namify are a great way to get started.

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