Saving on Two Wheeler Insurance Could Prove Costly For You

Over the years, we can see the number of two-wheelers increasing on Indian roads, and we know why. Especially in our country, where you can get stuck in traffic for hours and the public transport vehicles are always overcrowded, one is forced to buy a two-wheeler to get to places conveniently.

If we go to see the rural areas, due to the lack of public transport in many regions, people prefer owning a bike. In short, you can see how useful it is to have a two-wheeler for the daily commute. With bike, it is easy to get through the everyday heavy traffic, and it is cost-effective as well. However, you must know that it is mandatory as per law to have at least a third party insurance for bike, or penalties will be charged.That’s not it, you also have crucial concerns that come up with the use of bikes.

  1. Not Using a Helmet

Many people still forget the most important thing while riding their bike, i.e. wearing a helmet. You are only putting yourself at major risk if you ride your bike without wearing the helmet. Even after knowing the number of deaths that take place daily, people don’t take this seriously. Remember, safety comes first. If you are insuring your bike with an insurance policy, make sure to protect yourself too, as accidents are unpredictable.

  1. Involves Risks

Almost everybody knows how risky it is to ride a bike, and it has been one of the more risky options to commute. But people opt for it anyway, because of all the convenience it offers to you. Most of the accident cases take place due to the bad roads, rash driving, and mistakes from the third-party. It is you who need to be extra careful while riding the two-wheeler.

  1. Not Purchasing an Insurance Policy

It’s sad to hear how people don’t give safety much importance and risk their lives by not using a helmet. Along with their safety, most people ride their bikes without having a bike insurance policy, which is risky business too.

This usually happens because people are not quite aware of the importance of having an insurance policy and purchase it only because it is mandatory by law. They let go of the situation by saying that it skipped their mind or that purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy is an unnecessary expense.

How Lack of Two-Wheeler Insurance Affects You?

In case you don’t have an insurance policy and meet with a severe accident, which causes the death of the third-party, or it might be a serious injury, you would have to pay the money from your pocket. Possibilities are that the cost for treatment, repairs, etc. could be unbearable. This sort of financial burden can put you as well as your family under financial pressure. Now ask yourself if all of this is worth saving for insurance premiums?

If you find the process of renewing your motor insurance policy every year tiresome and tedious, there’s also an optionof selecting policies that don’t require annual renewals. Sometimes people have blind faith and confidence in their driving skills but, unforeseen events do not appear with a warning, and so having an insurance policy for your bike is a wise decision. Also, if you want to know in case you’re paying more premiums for comparatively lesser coverage, you can always calculate the premium using a two-wheeler insurance premium calculator online.