Keys To Keep In Mind If You Want To Pledge Your Car:

 If you want to pledge a car, the first thing you should know is how much your vehicle is worth. You can check it now by filling out our simple free car appraisal form with the essential data of your vehicle to be able to value it and know the real value of your car. Valuation is one of our strengths! Contact us now without any kind of commitment for car pledge ( จำนำรถด่วน which is the term in Thai).

Do not forget to inform yourself about the maximum amount that can be lent for your car. If you agree, when the payment of the money agreed with the company, you have decided to pawn the car would be automatically made. At that time, the vehicle would become the property of the company that pawns so that you can finally decide what to do with the car. Contact us, and we will inform you!

Also, keep in mind that to pawn a car in places like, your vehicle must be free of charges and not have liens or reservations of financial domains.

There are 2 possibilities that companies specializing in car pawning will offer you: in deposit: (until the previously agreed amount borrowed is returned to us) or continue using your car: the vehicle would be given to you for rent, and you can continue driving with him as the owner, as long as you fulfill the obligations that you have agreed in the car pawn contract. Make sure you receive the best guarantees on the market and if you are not sure, contact us before; we will give you information completely free.

Advantages Of Pledging Or Pawning A Car:

Quick money: you get quick money in a simple way, you contact the professional company you have chosen, and if the conditions fit you, you sign the contract. You will have the money in your pocket in a short time, although it is never usually expected.

 You can continue using the car: This type of car pawn companies usually offers you the option of continuing to use the car while it is pawned, but keep in mind that the financial loan will be much lower.  As it is not a car sale, you can always have the vehicle again.

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