Is it obligatory to keep a record of all monetary purchases?

Income tax act calls for compulsory audit in particular Professionalism is possible only when books have been kept based on the regulation.

Companies are managed by the Business Act and as per the Act, every business is required to file a yearly return with the registrar of firms. It is mandatory also if there are losses or no income in a fiscal year.

Helps services and individuals to maintain track of their expenditures, monitor their incomes, as well as take notified monetary choices.

Why do I need the services of an accountant?

An accountant comprehends the principles of bookkeeping. The correct classification of expenditures as resources in nature (e.g., set properties, or earnings in nature, e.g., acquisitions, is very important. Wrong accountancy can result in monetary losses. Though different audit devices have come up over time the human intelligence is irreplaceable.

I got my startup introduced a couple of months back. There are really limited transactions. Should I hire a full-time accountant?

Taking into consideration that a lot of start-ups do not need a full-time devoted accounting professional as the number of deals is low and at times it is not financially possible to work with one, we have particularly developed this pack to fulfill all your audit demands. Get your accounts kept by our professionals and get your audit done without needing to use a full-time accountant.

I have 500 purchases for the year. What will be the added fees?

In a bundle, bookkeeping service [jasa pembukuan, which is the term in Indonesian] prepares books of account for up to 300 transactions. If your company’s transactions are above 300, they will bill a little amount per added transaction. Professionals will aid you with the acquisition of the best-worth plan as per your demand.

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