When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency then you need to have the right platform that can make your investment process easy. There are very few platforms that are safe and secure in terms of payment and privacy. These days people are in a hurry to carry out the instant exchange, this brings a new scope to the account less crypto exchanger. But are they safe? Or secure? Let’s make a check on the positive side of an account less crypto exchanger.

Go fully Private

Instant exchange is made easier with an account less crypto exchanger as you don’t have to create a new account or no email verification is required. You just need to have your or the other person’s crypto address to carry out the instant transaction. These crypto addresses are dedicated addresses, where no individual can have the same crypto address. Crypto addresses are 1-1 dedicated and no other intervention is made in carrying out the instant exchange.

Super Fast transaction

The transaction is speed is just close to the speed of light. You don’t have to waste time in different processes of setting profiles and other things. Just carry your dedicated transaction in less than 2 mins. You can instantly exchange more than 30+ cryptocurrencies straight from your wallet. This will definitely save your time in carrying out the day-to-day transactions and other investment opportunities when dealing with cryptocurrencies. 

Much Safer

With an account less crypto exchanger, your privacy is maintained fully and no 3rd party or any other hacks can access your data. Your crypto address is only needed to carry out the instant exchange. They don’t track your activities or actions as with account less crypto exchanger transactions are done with a crypto address so it is completely encrypted and safe.

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