How To Make Money In A Bear Market?

Earning money and getting returns is easy when the market is on the rise, but how do we make money in a bear market? That is one of the uncertainties of many investors who seek to take advantage of how long their investments accompany a bear market and will not give them the desired profits.

In the stock market, you can always earn money up or down; you just have to see the opportunities presented by the market and read the scenario through stocks, bonds, indices, and raw materials, and other indicators.

There are options to invest and earn money when the stock market falls like:

  • Short Sales
  • Credit sale
  • Bare sales
  • Bearish positions
  • Futures
  • Warrants
  • CFDs

In Which Products To Invest And Earn Money With The Bear Market?

While we must know how to differentiate short sales, credit sales, and short sales and other options, the investor is always looking for options to earn money in a bullish or bear market (ตลาดหมี, which is the term in Thai) trend; luckily, there are values to invest when opening a bearish position.

There are products that can surf the market and others in which speculation does not affect the prices of such products as:

  • Products surfing in the market
  • Short sale or credit sale
  • Futures (indirectly)
  • Derivative products that do not affect the value of the quote

What Is Getting Short Or A Short Sale?

It is to anticipate some forecast or movement that could affect the downward value of the share, so if they do not buy shares, they will sell them and then repurchase them at some time and obtain the difference that is generated between selling them and buying them again.

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