How to encourage customers to write reviews?

How To Encourage Customers To Write Reviews | ConnectPOS


One reason customer reviews are critical is that they help with SEO, especially if you are a local business. But speaking of benefits for any business, responding on popular response websites lets you own more SERP real estate for labeled search expressions under the Product Sampling Program.

Most importantly, responses are crucial for your business because they significantly impact your consumers’ buying decisions under the Sampling agency. As users and perspectives have turned more to separate research, they depend more on the judgment and experiences of other users in responses when evaluating options and making purchasing resolutions under the Product Sampling Program. 


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

How to encourage customers to write reviews

Start by Just Approaching

According to Greenvelope’s Alex Kelsey, the best manner to inspire customers to write reviews is to “approach. More often than you think, your users will be happy to write about their occurrence with your business and products under the Product Sampling Program .”

Our respondents provide lots of ideas for how to approach customers for responses:

  • “Approach every email you deliver, especially if you are on the customer support group. You don’t have to make it an immense, but something as simple as attaching a link to a review website in your email signature can work well under the Sampling agency .” 
  • “After every job, we give our users a small business-card-sized brochure with a QR code that collects them to our Google page.

Create a Process for Approaching Reviews

One way to ensure that you’re asking customers to write reviews is to have a process to approach.

“Chocolate Films has been following Google responses for a year,” says Alexandra Lens. “We immediately acquired a 5-star rating and have continued it since.” 

“To acquire this, we made approaching for responses an integral part of our production procedure. At the end of each great video design, our account managers approach the client to leave a response as part of their sign-off emails under the Product Sampling Program .”

“Customers and account managers are satisfied at the end of a successful assignment and will have settled a great relationship, so incorporating asking for a response as part of the production process has worked well for us under the Sampling agency .”

Automate the Approach

Other applicants use a series of tools to make and simplify the process of asking for responses.

“If you can automate your review procedure based on specific actions, it will be easier to measure and ensure continuity for review requests under the Product Sampling Program .”

Several of our respondents shared examples of automating their review-request procedures by making a vote under the Sampling agency.

Pop-Up Forms + Follow-Up Emails

“We use a pop-up form on our website to get responses after customers have purchased under the Product Sampling Program .” “This form automatically occupies the review on Shopper Approved, a third-party review website.” 

“We follow up two weeks later via email and ask consumers to write a more thorough response of their shopping incident. 

Personalize the Approach

Several applicants said you’ll get more responses if you personalize the approach.

For example, Casey Hill of Bonjoro suggests “sending a personal video to the user, thanking them for helping you, and asking if they would leave you a response. Personalization is key in rapport-building and a great way to maximize responses under the Sampling agency .”

Explain Why Reviews Are Important

“To enhance positive reviews for your company, inform and educate your consumers on how important reviews are to your company under the Product Sampling Program. “The consumers who want to support you will show their support through positive reviews.”

Issue a Template for Reviews

Another method to make it simple for consumers to leave reviews and write testimonials is to write some part—or all—of the consideration for them under the Product Sampling Program.

The Blogsmith’s Maddy Osman suggests “issuing a template in terms of the feedback you expect.” 

“To give an example, whenever I communicate to people I’ve done business with to get a reference, I share a few bullet points about what I consider the highlights of our business associates that they can use or avoid under the Sampling agency .” 

“A pleasant reaction of this approach is that it enables me to control what they will speak. And as a bonus, my consumers admire that they don’t have to think too hard about sharing response, which enhances the likelihood that they’ll provide a reference under the Product Sampling Program “.

Engage With Your Existing Reviews

“People who wouldn’t generally give responses—regardless of whether they are convinced or not—will feel motivated to give a response if they see replies and feedback from trades under the Sampling agency .”

“It’s better to react to a negative response and try and resolve the problem rather than objecting away and avoiding the response under the Product Sampling Program. The same goes for positive response: a simple thank-you message goes a long way”.

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