How To Choose Reliable Party Wall Surveyors In London

Starting work on an existing property can entail the services of a number of people. You’ve got builders, architects, and contractors that you communicate with on a daily basis throughout the duration of the project. If work is being done near a property boundary, the law states that you should inform your neighbours about it. Hiring party wall surveyors London will ensure that all regulations are being followed for the benefit of the two parties.

Here are some reminders on how to go about choosing reliable party wall surveyors.

Surveyor knowledge

The whole business of being party wall surveyors London is stated in the Party Wall Act of 1996. Simply telling your neighbour about the building work will not suffice. The appropriate notices should be issued because keep in mind that the other party does in fact hold the right to oppose construction. This is why a Party Wall Act notice is important, and the contents of the notice would depend on where the work will be done and what kind it will be. Make sure that your surveyor knows the ins and outs of the process, including of course the legal issues that come with it.


As is customary with construction work, proper insurance needs to be in order so all parties are protected for unplanned scenarios. Check if your party wall surveyors London is accredited with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, also known as the RICS. They should also be able to issue Professional Indemnity Insurance. Don’t be shy about discussing this with your surveyor. After all, safety is always best.


You might be inclined to go with the first surveyor you get in touch with, especially if you’re working on a project that’s pressed for time, but taking a step back and evaluating your choices is the smarter move. Take the time to research a bit about your surveyor and look into the previous projects they worked on. If there are client or customer reviews, it wouldn’t hurt to scan those as well.

Are the reviews singing high praises about the surveyor or do they come with a warning? Doing due diligence doesn’t require extra finances or a big chunk of time so you might as well do it. If your surveyor was recommended by a friend, take the time out to chat with your mate and ask what they liked most about working with them so you can gauge if your personalities will mesh. A good relationship with the client and the surveyor will make things run smoothly.

Communication is key

Part of having a good relationship with your surveyor is clear and easy communication. When looking for party wall surveyors, make sure their contact details are easy to find. A surveyor with a missing address or a phone number that doesn’t work should also raise alarm bells. Lots of clients may not be too familiar with the legal requirements needed in relation to the Party Wall Act, so surveyors should also be approachable and welcome any questions or discussions from clients. Being able to communicate freely and openly with respect is the way to go.

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