How the industrial sector still remained largely untouched by technological advancements?

If modern age is called the age of technology then it is only befitting that every sector applies the boons of technology. And it is actually evident that almost every other sector is actually accepting new technological reforms with open arms. Well, the industrial sector however is a different story. The industrial sector for quite a time now has remained one of the few sectors where technological advancements are yet to penetrate. One of the major concerns of the industrial sector is the fear of losing human resources. However, given the new circumstances of the post covid19 situation, it is only befitting that the industrial sector is likely to let technology enter its premises.

What is edge computing and how can it bring a change in the industrial sector?

One of the most effective technologies that the industry can actually introduce to its premises is the edge computing . Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. With the help of the edge computing technology thus the industrial machinery can very easily be connected with one another. This will surely ensure that the production rate of the manufacturing unit in no time. On the other hand, as edge computing ensures that the machines share the data with one another the error rate also decreases as well. One of the greater advantages of this particular technology is the fact that if a single One malfunction in any way the whole production is stopped so as to minimize the impact of the malfunctioning. Thus with the help of edge computing industrialists can very simply step up the production and at the same time provide a better quality of products.

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