How Does The Car Pawn Work?

Car pledge (จำนำรถด่วน which is the term in Thai) or pawning your car and getting money for it is very easy and fast and, best of all, you can continue using your car at all times. In less than 24 hours, you will receive the credit without having to present a payroll or fill out any paperwork. And you will not stop driving the vehicle at any time. Easy right? Now we explain how the car pawn works and what steps or phases you must follow to get money for your car:

Appraise the car – The first step or phase is to calculate the value of your car. For this, it must be appraised by an expert in vehicle appraisal and calculation of the market value. In our case, you can do it in two ways, calling us by phone or using an online form.

Presentation of the necessary documentation: a technical sheet of the vehicle, documents are proving the ownership of the car, circulation permit, circulation tax paid, vehicle documentation, and set of keys.

Signature of the agreement – If everything is in order, all that remains is to sign the pawn contract and formalize the transaction. As you can see, it is not necessary to present a payroll or endorsement.

Collection of money – Once the pawn contract is signed, we will send you the money in less than 24 hours. You continue to keep the car on your property to continue using it.

The last step is the repayment of the loan – At the expiration of the duration of the credit, the beneficiary of the same must return the loan to the pawnshop. The duration and interest of the mini-credit vary according to the conditions. In a breach of the contract, the pawnshop will keep the car, as with any other type of pawn.

The requirements that the vehicle must meet to pawn it are:

  • The vehicle must be a maximum of ten years old
  • Documentation in order and force
  • Documentation accrediting the property, whether physical or legal
  • It must not have a domain reservation
  • Technical sheet
  • Circulation permit
  • Road tax paid
  • The set of keys must be delivered

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