Do You Need an Entertainment Industry Lawyer?

Trying to make it in the entertainment industry is a notoriously difficult persuit, and as a result, it’s important to have as much support as possible. This support network may include a top attorney, publicist, and other professionals that can help you manage all of the intracacies in the music and entertainment industry. But do you need an entertainment lawyer just yet? 

Here are some questions that can help you determine if the time is right to hire an entertainment industry lawyer. 

Where Are You in Your Entertainment Career?

People just starting out in the entertainment industry, or those who work on small or independent projects, may be just fine without an entertainment lawyer. Plus, at this stage in your career, it may be difficult to afford a high quality one. Sometimes, it’s better to hold out and wait until you can be sure that you can afford a quality lawyer. 

If, on the other hand, you have contracts to negotiate or merchandising deals to facilitate, it may be the right time to hire an entertainment lawyer. Entertainment lawyers can negotiate better terms on contracts and help you navigate the murky waters of complex licensing and entertainment laws

Did Someone Steal Your Intellectual Property or Violate a Contract?

Sadly, the entertainment industry is full of people who seek to take advantage of those trying to make a name for themselves and build up their business. Sometimes artists will purposely steal another person’s intellectual property or violate the terms of contract to enhance their own bottom line. 

Without the help of a skilled lawyer, it can be difficult to prove that a contract was violated or intellectual property was stolen. An entertainment lawyer can help you build up a compelling case with legitamate evidence and advocate on your behalf in these instances. 

Are You Being Sued for Intellectual Property or Publication/Distribution Rights?

On the flip side, perhaps a fellow artist or entertainer has accused you of stealing their intellectual property, violating a contract, or not following publication and distribution rights. Being acused of these things can be distressing to say the least, and some people may do it as a blatent money grab. 

In these instances, having an entertainment lawyer on your side can protect you from having to pay incredibly high fees, especially if there is little to no evidence that you did what you are being acused of. If you did accidentally violate terms of a contract or other legal issue, your lawyer may be able to negotate for a lower settlement, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and preventing a long and drawn out court case. 

The Bottom Line

When navigating the tricky and complex world of the entertainment industry, it can be difficult to know whether the time is right to hire an entertainment lawyer, or if you would be better off waiting a bit longer.

Asking yourself these three questions regularly can help you determine if you need an entertainment lawyer on your side that can help you better negotiate contracts, sue others for wrongdoing, or assist you when you are accused of wrongdoing.

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