Creating a Child Custody Plan that Works for You and Your Ex

Ending your relationship with your spouse when you have children can be stressful and overwhelming. No matter how good your intentions are for divorcing your spouse, talking to them about divorce and a plan for parenting time can be intimidating. You both have a shared history and conversations you thought would go smoothly may turn into arguments. As a result, each of you may play the blame instead of focusing on ways to move forward. Thankfully, you can create an amicable child custody plan with your spouse. By seeking child custody help in Houston, you can keep discussions on track and develop a custody plan that works for all people involved. It takes your willingness to accommodate each other’s schedules and creating a workable custody plan to keep things amicable between you and your spouse. The following are helpful tips to create an amicable child custody plan:

Be Civil with Each Other

A disparaging tone and name-calling can easily stall a discussion about child custody. You and your ex may be co-parenting for a long time. To make it easier for everyone, especially your children, try to be civil with one another and respect each other as equally important parts of the lives of your children. 

Make Your Children’s Needs a Priority

While your divorce was about you and your ex, custody is about your children. Despite the painful breakup, you should not lose sight of the goal of ensuring your children will have a productive, healthy, and peaceful life even if their parents separated. 

When trying to create a custody plan for your children, you and your ex might not agree on certain issues and terms. When it feels like you will never agree, step back and ask yourselves what solution may create the best living arrangement for your children. By keeping the needs of your children during discussions, you can easily find common ground.

Put Your Custody Plan in Writing

After you and your ex create an amicable custody plan, have your attorney put it in writing. This will reduce confusion between you and your ex, prevent arguments, and minimize tensions. Ensure the written agreement includes provisions on childcare, children exchange, pick up and drop off times, and ways to handle the extracurricular activities of your children. Keep in mind that these agreements must be reviewed and approved by a judge to be finalized. Also, you and your ex should work together to modify the agreement over time as the needs of your children grow. 

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