Checklist: Signs An Entrepreneur May Fail In Business

Starting a business in Hong Kong may not seem that difficult provided you have the expertise in an area/industry for many years. Based on your past experience, it would have given you a head-start in your new business/company. The outcomes are simple. It can only be one of the two: Success or Failure.

Assume the business may fail at the end. The worst scenario would be to start cutting cost, lay off some employee, and more. The last is to close down the business and go through the deregistration of company in Hong Kong (HK).

The following items are the signs that an entrepreneur may fail quickly in his new Hong Kong startup business.

  • The entrepreneur is overflowing with too much confidence. There is a lot of risks in business, and when he is over confident, it puts a lot of danger in his business partners and staffs.
  • The entrepreneur doesn’t know how to sell his ideas or product. In Hong Kong, the experienced local salespersons would tell you the right ways to sell any product in your hands.
  • The entrepreneur is competitive at everything, or at least he is trying to be like that.
  • The entrepreneur during most of his days has a difficult time to turn off his working mode. This means he is not going to get sufficient rest for his very next battle that is coming at him.
  • The entrepreneur is not focused on only a single important goal. But he keeps seeing many opportunities out there, and wants to do well with everything.
  • One important attribute to have for an entrepreneur is that he needs some type of leadership ability flowing inside him. If he doesn’t, then he must learn. If he can’t learn, during his business venture he is going to hit many brick walls.
  • Regardless of where the business is set up and run, the entrepreneur may be someone who is not going to accept failure. Perhaps he may be too stubborn at things. But when things don’t work well, he needs to prepare to forfeit the project, or adjust the project to the way that will work for the business and everyone in his team.
  • The big sign of an entrepreneur that would lead him to fail is the negativity inside the person. Negative people would usually concentrate on the problems. But in truth, they should have focused on finding and figuring out the solutions to the problems.
  • Micromanagement may well take away many opportunities and even time. Micromanaging everything is a sign of not being able to lead. When a person is unable to form a good team and fail to lead his employees in the right direction, they may start to micromanage. This act when done excessively is going to always waste the time of employees. This hinders productivity of a business.


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