Check the Entire Manufacturing Process and Obtain Comprehensive Laboratory Auditing Report

Those who require a comprehensive audit report about a particular factory or supplier or a prospective factory will naturally prefer the service of an auditing company that assure to complete the task quickly for the lowest price. When you want to start your business transactions with a specific distributor or agency or a trading company or a broker, you want to ensure that it is a reliable and reputed agency or trading house so that you will not face any payment risk with them during the transactions. Similarly, prior to procuring from a particular supplier the various products that you need for your business or industry, you want to find out whether the supplier has the proper license for producing and supplying those products. In all these cases, we hire the services of an auditing company that has proven experience and expertise in production and shipment inspection and also quality control inspection. Prior to using the services or procuring materials from a particular manufacturer or supplier, it is very important to confirm that the supplier company has no quality control issues so that the shipment will be made as per schedule and no extra expenses will be incurred for reworking or replacement. The auditing company must be in a position to conduct the In-Process Inspection with speed and perfection.


Sometimes, when a company wants to procure a specific product or products from a manufacturer, they want a complete appraisal of the entire manufacturing process that takes place in the factory of the supplier company. MPS (Manufacturing Process Supervision) and FSI (Final Shipment Inspection) are to be carried out by the auditing company to confirm that the supplier follow the specified manufacturing process to produce the goods and there are no issues with regard to the actual production process that takes place in the factory of the supplier. The professional auditing and inspection company with website address has proven track record in conducting diligent factory audit and supplier audit efficiently an systematically. This company undertakes factory and supplier audits of manufacturers and suppliers all over China and Asia and their service charges are truly competitive. During the factory audit, this auditing company will check and confirm the ownership of the manufacturing company and will also gather detailed information regarding the management. They will also check the legal status and financial status of the supplier company. They will also create a perfect record about the size and production capacity of the factory, the machinery and materials used by them and the quality control facilities available in the factory.

Laboratory auditing

When you visit the website, you come to know that this auditing company offers very efficient and reliable Laboratory Testing services. They conduct specific tests for specific industry. For example, when they conduct production auditing of a factory that produces electronic appliances they carry out a range of tests that includes EMF testing, Electric Component testing, ROHS, Voltage Analysis, Hertz Analysis, Functional Testing and UL/CE Compliance. If it is a Food or a Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, they carry out TOT (Toxic Elements Testing), Microbiological Analysis, Chemical and Physical Testing, Acid and Alkaline Testing, Packaging Leaching, Physical Choking Hazard testing and Heavy Metals and Viscosity tests. In the case of a textile or garment factory, they check shrinkage, color fastness, toxicity, flammability, Child Safety, Weight Compliance and Quality of Construction.

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