Basics about Dropship on Amazon? Know These Points

Dropshipping with Amazon is something that almost every entrepreneur wants to lay their hands on. Why not? There were approximately 300 million users in the year 2019 and it had crossed $280 billion when it comes to sales. When you use it as a dropshipping business, you can surely expect to have some huge returns. 

If you are new, you must be wondering how amazon dropshipping works? You wish to get started with an e-commerce business and want to start with a venture which will be profitable for you. We have provided a guide below to make you understand how to make a profitable business by dropshipping on Amazon. 

The average cost to get started with dropshipping on Amazon

The fees of dropshipping on Amazon will vary, but the range would usually be 10% to 15%. If your dropship margin is low, then it would take a huge chunk out of your profit. 

You need to get started by selecting a selling plan. In most cases, the plan would cost you around $.99 per unit when sold. There is also a $39.99 monthly plan, also known as the professional plan, irrespective of the number of items you sell per month. 

Amazon and GoTen are one of the best drop shipping companies to get started with. In fact, with you also will not have to worry much about any membership fees as they are free. If you are in the US or Europe, then GoTen is a dropshipping site you can trust and start to earn well in a short period. You will be able to sell a huge array of products here as there are more than 20,000 profitable items available in their database. Unlike other dropshipping sites, they will not just add in any item, only to ‘sell’ them to customers. They do take that extra step and ensure that only quality products are sold through their site. Both the products as well as the supplier are vetted so that the customer and seller have a good experience at the end of the deal.

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