Amazon Individual vs. Professional Seller Accounts

As a new Amazon FBA seller, one of the first significant decisions you will have to make is which seller plan you will employ. There are two sorts of Amazon FBA seller plans available right now: individual and professional. It is essential to compare and contrast the Amazon individual and professional seller programs and their fees and other features.

Do you want to be the lucky winner of the Buy Box?

One of the most significant advantages that Amazon professional sellers have over Amazon individual sellers is their ability to compete for the coveted ‘Buy Box.’ A Buy Box is a feature of a product listing page that allows buyers to automatically add your item to their shopping basket. Buyers will have to go through more processes to purchase if you are not an Amazon professional seller and even if you are the sole vendor on a listing. You can go here for more information about which Amazon account to choose.

Professional seller features on Amazon

In addition to the lower costs associated with selling more than 40 products per month and the bonus categories that come with having an Amazon professional seller plan, Amazon professional sellers have the following advantages over individual sellers:

  • Create customized listing elements such as promotions, gift services, and other unique features.
  • Use feeds, spreadsheets, and reports to keeping track of inventories.
  • Calculate your orders’ US sales and use taxes.
  • Other users can be given account privileges and use permissions.

Are you an Amazon individual seller?

When it comes to picking an Amazon seller account, how engaged you want to be in your Amazon business is the most important thing to consider. Individual sellers benefit from the individual seller plan since they can get rid of a few different objects around the house. It is also an intelligent strategy for individuals who want to try selling on Amazon before committing to something more involved, such as a private label. Finally, without committing to a $39.99 monthly subscription, an individual seller account is an excellent method to acquire access to Amazon’s seller dashboard and forums.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Amazon Seller Account?

You might have probably seen the distinctions between a personal seller account and a business seller account. Keep these points in mind if you want to start selling with your FBA business.

  • It is also essential to keep in mind that you should upgrade your account anytime you feel like it—an individual seller account.
  • There is no reason to feel compelled to upgrade to a professional account, but it should be your objective. In any case, you can upgrade or downgrade your Amazon seller account at any moment.

Final thoughts

In the end, the plan you choose is determined by the reasons you want to sell on Amazon in the first place. Select the individual seller plan if you only want to get rid of a few items and make a small profit. Signing up for the Amazon professional seller plan, on the other hand, is the better alternative if you want to truly create a business and make a regular income selling on Amazon.

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