Alternatives For Your SEO Using The Keyword Planner

Making use of keyword planner for your SEO is very essential, that is why in this article, we will look into some alternatives which have been compiled so that your SEO does not stop being great, perhaps even using the Keyword Planner as the main source.  Below are some of them:


In addition to showing you the exact search volume, this tool allows you to filter your list of keywords with some parameters, which will greatly help you optimize. Likewise, it will become your support to analyze niches and manage your online reputation, which is why it is widely used by digital marketing agencies.

One of the modules of this tool is called Keyword Finder, which in addition to being a free trial, you can use it to analyze the keywords that you need to use thoroughly.


It is one of those tools in which you will have everything in one place and especially, in terms of check out Minimice Group strategies. With its keyword analytics, you can create a list of related keywords without trying too hard.

Likewise, the tool allows you to filter keywords that you can use on your site directly before you take it to Excel or your workspace. That is, you can download a list of Keywords Long Tail, for example, and put them to use directly in the article you have posted on your brand’s blog.

Also, it offers metrics that give you ideas about which Keywords are more likely to rank faster and easier. On the other hand, you can find a Keyword Difficulty section, so that you have an approximation of which words will be more difficult to position due to high competition.

Uber Suggest

In addition to using the data offered by the Google Keyword Planner itself, this free tool crosses the information with Google’s suggestions, that is, those that appear in the search box.

On the other hand, some interesting data will be waiting for you if you use this alternative, such as the number of visits to the pages that have the term that you have placed as a keyword or the trends in search throughout the year in question.

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