All About The Overnight Mail

Have you been in a situation whereby you need to place a document on a desk by tomorrow morning, and you are wondering how to go about it?  Do you know that there is a platform that enables you to send overnight mails and pushes the nail fast to your desired location,?  The send Overnight mails app gives you that convenience of sending time-sensitive emails speedily and easily print any mail in any format. It is ideal if you are running out of time and need to send a document (ส่งเอกสาร, which is the term in Thai) as soon as possible. The document can be transmitted through an Express mail or the USPS priority mail.

Overnight mails present one of the quickest ways of mailing and receiving documents and other online letters.

How Does The Send Overnight Mail Work? 

Sending an overnight mail is quite an easy task. You only have to follow four simple steps which are:

  • Uploading of the document you want to send.
  • Input your desired destination/return address.
  • Select your desired speed.

After this is done, a tracking number will be assigned to your envelope, and you will receive a confirmation email after that.

The files and documents you upload to the are safe and stored, unable to be accessed by any third party. The document you send only stays on the app until your mail has been delivered successfully, after which they are wiped off totally.

Payment for the overnight mail is handled by various online payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. Also, you can make use of your credit cards for payments

The overnight mail system has made to soothe the needs of people who want to send time-sensitive documents to submit. With the platform, their documents can be shipped accurately and protected against hackers and other security risks.

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