A Small Guide On How To Check Your GST Status

Goods and Services Tax, commonly known as GST, is a comprehensive strategic tax imposed on nationwide sales, production, and usage of products and services. Termed one of the nation’s biggest fiscal reforms, GST is supposed to bring state economies together and enhance the nation’s overall growth in the economy.

The Government of India has granted single taxpayer access to the online platform to facilitate the process of filing GST by making it simple with a user-friendly interface. The authorized GST site helps to simplify the procedure but you are required to sign your business to start with. You can fill in an application online and finish the online registration.

Once completed, it takes approximately 15 days to sign your submission. Meanwhile, the GST enrollment status can be checked on the authorized GST website using your ARN (Application Reference Number).

What Is Application Reference Number?

As it takes time for the authorities to authenticate the details provided in the GST registration application, a unique set of numbers referred to as the Application Reference Number/ARN will be given to the applicant.

In other words, ARN is a unique identification number allocated to any GST transaction that is performed on the standard GST portal. Application Reference Number (ARN), which is digitally signed utilizing DSC, is also produced during the time of submission of the GST application.

You could also use the ARN to track your GST application status. ARN will help current taxpayers move into the latest  GST (Goods and Services Tax) regime. GST portal is the authorized platform created by government agencies that will aid you to do all GST related activities online. The ARN number is essentially used to track the status of GST registration.

Check Your GST Registration Status

Follow these steps in order to check your registration status with the help of your application reference number.

  • Head over to the government-approved GST website
  • Once you’re on the website, click on the tab that reads “services” and then select registration.
  • Once you click on “Registration” you will be shown three options, choose the one that reads “Track Application Status”.
  • Enter the application reference number in the empty field provided for it.
  • You will be shown a captcha code, enter the captcha code as shown.

Once you entered the correct ARN and captcha code, you will get your registration status displayed on your screen.

GST Registration Statuses

To apply for a GST new registration, a taxpayer is required to fill out 2parts of the GST REG-01 form. After the taxpayer enters the details in Part A of GST REG-01, a (TRN)Temporary Reference Number is given to him.

With the help of the TIN fill out the second part of the GST REG-01 form. Once the applicant has completed filling in all the details in Part B, an affirmation receipt in the GST REG-2 form will be given to the individual applying together with the ARN or Application Reference Number.

At each stage of your application for registration, you will get a written justification for it. By deciphering the position, you’ll be able to easily assess the progress of your application. Here is a list of terms that will help you in understanding your progress.

Pending For Verification

This means that your application was effectively submitted and also that it hasn’t yet been authenticated and is pending the same.

Validation Against Error

This means that the PAN details which you submitted doesn’t match the IT department’s information. After seeing this status, continue with the earliest rectification of your GST application.

Provisional Status

That means your application isn’t filed yet. That being said, a temporary ID will be issued for you, due to the successful completion of your GST application.

Migrated Status

This status lets you that your GST migration application was successfully completed.

Canceled Status

This means that your application failed. This implies that by redressing the issues you will need to re-register and that you are not obligated to GST registration as per GST rules.

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