6 Advantages That Only Pellet Fireplaces Have

With the lowest temperatures in winter, we all want most to be in a warm and warm environment, together with our family. A good option for heating your home is pellet fireplaces. Modern and elegant, this fireplace model is the right choice for your winter. Thinking about it, we will show you six advantages that only pellet fireplaces have.

Lower Operating Cost

Produced from the leftovers of various types of wood that would be discarded, the pellet can be considered one of the cheapest solid fuels.


The pellet is a source of renewable energy and high caloric power.

High Energy Efficiency

Technology in supply, burning, and heat recovery through integrated hot air blowers guarantees thermal yields above 70%.

Does Not Require A Conventional Chimney

With forced exhaustion, you will only need an outlet for the smoke duct and gases resulting from the burning of the pellets. You can install your pellet fireplace inside your home and use horizontal exhaust ducts.

Controlled Temperature

Using an easy and practical system, you can regulate the temperature of your pellet fireplace, thus allowing the temperature of your environment to be stable at all times.

The Practicality Of Pellet Fireplaces

 Easy to fill, it has 07 hours of autonomy. Modern pellet fireplaces can be programmed, turning on, off, and regulating their temperature automatically. To turn on the device, press a button. Perfect for those who are a little distracted or even let themselves fall asleep when they are in a warm and cozy environment.

How To Program The Pellet Stove?

Program the stove according to the desired thermal comfort.

Prevent it from running continuously without people in the room.

If you are at home after a specific time, you can program the stove which can be gotten from Ecoforest amongst others, to start at that time every day and stay on, for example, until about an hour before going to bed.

The room’s target temperature should be around 20 to 22ºC.

You will need a dry space with good accessibility to store the pellets.

The load capacity of domestic models is around 15 to 25 kg, enough for 8 to 10 hours of operation at full power.