5 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin in 2020

Have you been wondering whether to invest in one of the leading Cryptocurrency called Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the buzz words in the world of digital currency and investment. Today the internet is dominating every field, and so the digital currency has earned the attention of investors. Bitcoin is secure, global, and open to everyone around the globe. If you consider investing your money in bitcoin, you may come across the point that seems risky. It depends on your appetite of risk, whether you want to invest in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies on the digital platform. But once you understand how bitcoin works, and you are ready to invest your time and effort to work with bitcoin, then you can surely mitigate your risk to the extent.

With bitcoin dollar cost averaging and other strategies, there are various ways to invest in Bitcoin. If you are finding multiple ways to invest in bitcoin, this article can give an idea of where to invest your money.

Buying Bitcoins

The simplest and easiest way to invest in bitcoins is buying coins or an amount of coin through various trading apps available on the internet, and one of them is Coinbase. To purchase standalone bitcoins, you will have to provide personal details to open an account so that you can deposit money there to buy the coins. There is a minimum deposit amount required by many trading platforms to purchase the coins. After purchasing coins, you have an option to sell or buy coins like any stock Exchange. Your bitcoins or purchase is secured and stored in an encrypted wallet that only you can access.

GreyScale Bitcoin Investment Trust

GBTC (GreyScale bitcoin Investment trust) is a capital market or investment option that allows investors to gain access to the price movement of the coins, also GBTC provides certain more beneficial options for the investors who are less technical in understanding the blockchain market safely.

Bitwise 10 Private Index Fund

It is an enormous basket of coins, and the company works to manage security and ease of use of ETF. However, it requires investors to invest a minimum of $25,000, having a feed ratio of 2.5%.


It is a fund that is actively managed including 15 industries and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange Arca. It has a net expense ratio of 0.07%. The best thing about the company is they also invest in other companies that are involved in developing blockchain technologies.

Other Popular Sites

Many popular websites like Coinbase, Robinhood, and eToro can help beginners to get started with investing the bitcoins. Choosing the right platform will depend on your requirement and options offered by Crypto sites.

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