3 Tips For Being A Great Landlord

Renting out your property can be a harrowing experience if you’re not prepared for it, but with a little help, you’re sure to figure it out. Here are three tips on being a great landlord.

Be Professional

You may not be an official business, but it’s still important that you follow any local or federal property laws. Buy landlord insurance if you’re concerned about accidents or liability. Check in on your buildings regularly to make sure they’re in good condition so you can prevent problems from arising instead of dealing with damages when they’ve already happened.

Seeing what best practices other landlords like Taylor Equities have been implementing can help you find out more.

Screen Tenants

While a good first impression can speak volumes, don’t forget to look into your tenants’ background. Reviewing aspects like their credit score or previous rental references might help you avoid troublesome renters, protecting your property against potential damage. Make sure they can pay their rent in full each month and aren’t likely to abuse your property.

Promote Rentals Online

Setting up a sign outside your property won’t garner you many leads in the age of the internet. Learn how to use the internet effectively for real estate listings sites and you’ll open up your rentals to so many more prospective tenants. Online listing sites let you provide pictures, area and more information that can save time on both ends when it comes to apartment hunting. Be honest and upfront, offering would-be tenants a transparent look into your property.

While being a landlord for the first time can be challenging, there are plenty of online resources such as Steven Taylor Taylor Equities out there to help you find the information you’re looking for. Be professional, reasonable and learn to utilize the right tools and you’ll be a seasoned landlord in no time.

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