3 Keys To Successfully Execute An Online Marketing Plan For Your Startup

The reality of every entrepreneur is based on the limited resources available to him. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to “invest” in Online Marketing without generating income higher than the expenses generated.

Perhaps if we go more in-depth, when we start, we do not even have the necessary resources to run a small marketing campaign in Google AdWords or requesting permission to advertise (ขออนุญาตโฆษณา which is the term in Thai).

Under this concrete and real context, it is where our investment of effort, time, creativity, and dedication must make up for the lack of capital to generate new clients and, ultimately, greater income for our Startup.

First of all, to take the first steps, we must understand that perhaps the only advantage we have over large companies and corporations is the possibility of starting from scratch, with new technology and new aspects to which we can adapt with much greater flexibility without going by thousands of rules and regulations for your approval.

Optimize Your Website As Much As Possible

The first thing is to focus on the development of our Website that we are going to program to provide the service. This implementation must be based entirely on optimization through SEO (Search Engine Marketing). The final idea is that our Website is fully compatible with the latest updates required by search engines such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo to successfully index our work.

Generate Quality Content

Once our Website is correctly optimized for SEO, it is there that we must go to the next step as online entrepreneurs and start generating valuable content exclusively for our current users.

One way to do this successfully, and which in our own experience was extremely helpful, is not to implement the famous boring “FAQ” section but to take this decades-old tradition one step further by innovating and developing a specific area of ​​our endeavor.

Share Experiences With Other Entrepreneurs

Another interesting factor in implementing in marketing for our Startup, related to the previous point, but beyond the content started and generated by the user, is in sharing our learning through the generation of a Blog.

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